Reserve studio Time

Need to record vocal tracks, interviews, or Skype and phone calls? At the Podcast Garage, we have everything you need to produce high-quality audio projects. Walk in with an idea, walk out with a digital file. Our staff will assist you in starting and wrapping up your session. For more complex projects, we recommend bringing an engineer.



Is there parking at the Podcast Garage?

Lots of it! The PRX Podcast Garage is attached to a large free parking lot that generally has plenty of available space. There is also public parking along Western Ave.

Do I need to be a member to record?

Not at all! Anyone can reserve our studio. Then again, you should check it out — our membership comes with some sweet perks, including cheaper studio time.

What equipment is in the recording studio?

Our 4-person studio is a Wenger SoundLok sound-isolation room, which is outfitted with:

  • 4 Shure SM7B Vocal Microphones
  • 4 Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones
  • Cloudlifter CL-4 Mic Activator
  • A dedicated phone line for a remote host or guest, through a Telos digital hybrid telephone interface
  • Support for a remote host or guest via Skype
  • Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital mixing board (for operation by an engineer)
  • Allen & Heath Qu-Pad for in-studio control of the QU-16
  • Genelec 8010A monitors for accurate mixing and mastering
  • Multitrack recording directly to Hindenburg, Pro Tools, Audition, or GarageBand
  • Full multitrack backup recording to a dedicated hard drive
  • Talkback to all hosts and guests from the control room
  • 27" Intel i5 iMac with multiple DAW options for mixing and post-production work

Do I need an engineer for my recording session?

A staff member will always be available to start and finish your session. This includes a sound check, starting the recording, and transferring your files to the USB that you bring. If you are new to recording, we can also help you with good microphone practices.  The Podcast Garage does not have an engineer on staff. If you do need an engineer, we are happy to provide information on how to hire an independent engineer.

If I'm an audio novice, can I still use the studio?

Absolutely! Our studio is designed with you in mind. You won’t need to touch any mixing boards or configure any recording software during your session. 

That said, we only provide the recordings. We recommend that you take some time prior to reserving studio time to learn basic editing skills in a program like Hindenburg, Reaper, or Audacity. YouTube,, and many other websites have great resources to learn the basics of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering with those applications. Hindenburg has an entire library of video tutorials covering a wide array of topics.

How does my audio get recorded during the session?

In the studio, we record each individual channel (i.e. each microphone, Skype, the telephone) to a computer using standard digital audio software, and to a second hard drive as a backup. Our system records at 48,000 Hz and 32 bit.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Just your USB or hard drive, your notes, a credit card, and yourself!

Please note: we sell USB drives if you don't have one to take your files.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?

Please cancel or reschedule more than 24 hours before your session. Otherwise, we will charge you for the session that you originally scheduled as it prevents someone else from booking during that time.

Can people remotely participate in recording sessions?

The 4-person studio supports remote participation through a standard telephone line and Skype, patched into the studio headphones. We do not have an ISDN line.

If you plan to utilize either the telephone or Skype, please make a note when you make your reservation. For telephone, you will need to provide us with a a phone number to call directly from our studio telephone line. For Skype, you will need to ask your participants to add the studio on Skype (username: prxpodcastgarage.)


We rent professional kits that you can use in the field, with a friend, or at Fenway Park! When you pick up the kit, we'll show you how to record high-quality audio outside of the studio. If you're thinking about buying your own kit, take ours for a spin to see how you like it. We asked lots of local producers for input on their favorite gear - and assembled a kit that can work for everyone.

What equipment is included in the field kit?

Each kit contains all the gear someone would need for standard field reporting or recording:

  • Zoom H5 portable recorder (with XYH-5 X/Y microphone capsule and wind screen)
  • RØDE NTG4+ directional condenser microphone with inbuilt battery
  • RØDE WS6 deluxe windshield
  • Shure SM58 handheld vocal microphone (with wind screen)
  • Sony MDR-7506 dynamic stereo headphones
  • Two 6' XLR cables
  • Two 32 GB SD cards
  • Rechargeable AA batteries (with charger)
  • Alkaline AA batteries
  • Mini and Micro USB cables (for charging and data transfer)
  • Shoulder bag to hold all of the above

What if I'm new to using this equipment or field recording?

We will give you a quick tutorial on how to use the equipment in the kit when you pick up your rental.

If you're looking for additional information to help with using the field kit, the following resources may be valuable:

How long can I have the field kit?

You can reserve the audio field kit for a full day, Monday through Saturday, or an entire weekend. A full day is 24 hours and a weekend is Friday to Monday. You must pick up and return the kit during our open business hours.

How much does it cost to reserve the kit?

Tune-Up Members pay $20 for a full day and $40 for the weekend.

Non-members pay $40 for a full day and $60 for the weekend.

We take payment (credit cards only) when you pick up the kit.

How do I reserve the kit?

Call us at (617) 208-8911 to reserve the kit at least 48 hours in advance. Please keep in mind that we have a small staff - if you leave us a voicemail, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

COmmunity hours

Mass_Ex_Victor00013 (2).jpg

Photos of Fred Clay and Victor Rosario, from the New England Innocence Project.

We partner with local nonprofits who want to produce a podcast or audio project. For six months, we offer free studio recording and training to support the organization. We look for partners with a clear vision for their project as well as staff or community members to produce it. We do not have production staff to make a podcast for any organization.

Previous and current partners include:

If your organization has an idea for a podcast or audio project and would like to partner with us, email us at


Professional equipment, beautiful sound, great engineering support.


Everyone you know has a unique story. Gift them the chance to preserve and share it, whether it’s recording the oral history of a loved one, giving extra studio time to the podcaster in your life, or supporting someone with a great idea!