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Three Things Your Podcast Needs with Eric Nuzum

Every successful podcast has a magical, unique combination of three elements: Story. Character. Voice. An audio producer’s ability to succeed depends on how they offer distinctive answers to all three.

In this workshop with noted podcast creator Eric Nuzum, we’ll unpack what each means, share examples of excellence in all three, and provide some tips on how to define your project. Then we will all work together on how your project can excel at all three.

Note: If you aren’t already working on a podcast, please think of an idea of a project, story, or show you are interested in producing in the future.

Tickets are $20 for this workshop.


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Eric Nuzum is a media consultant and creator of iconic podcasts. Over the past 12 years, he has made podcasts that routinely top the charts, appear in yearly “best of” lists, win awards, and generate hundreds of millions of downloads. He is considered a leading “go-to” creative strategist in audio, podcasting, radio, and spoken word entertainment who delivers fresh ideas, clear thinking, and innovative approaches to problem solving. He has lead the podcast and original content efforts at NPR, Audible (an Amazon company), and now as a consultant and independent podcast maker. Eric is currently writing the first published book on audio and podcasting creation, titled Think Like They Listen, for publication by Workman Publishing in 2019.

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