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SOLD OUT: Treating Music as a Voice With Noam Hassenfeld

Podcasts have two basic parts: voice and music. Music might often be the last thing you think about, but it can make or break your podcast.

In this talk, Today, Explained producer Noam Hassenfeld will demonstrate how to use music as an essential tool for storytelling. He’ll show you how to make stock music come alive, how to choose your moments, and how to make an entire episode sound like a cohesive, musical whole. Featuring scoring from This American Life, Radiolab, The Heart, Reply All, and Today, Explained, among others.

Tickets are $10.


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Noam Hassenfeld is a reporter/producer for Vox’s daily news podcast, Today, Explained. Before joining Vox, he was a producer for NPR’s Latino USA and In The Thick

Noam is also a composer who has written music for films, video games, podcasts, and solo/band projects. In a past life, he ran a bucket drumming after-school program in Brooklyn, studied gamelan on a research fellowship in Bali, and taught third-grade science in New Orleans. He also tends to tell jokes that don’t make a lot of sense.