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Personal Storytelling for Social Change

What if your story could change the world?

When it comes to creating social change, we imagine that only front leaders of huge organizations with big budgets can make a difference. What happens when calling your senator or tweeting #BlackLivesMatter think pieces isn’t enough?

What if we told you the most influential tool you can use to incite change is something you already owned? When it comes to inspiring action and harnessing momentum, storytelling is a key tool in shaping how people understand the world. Whether we’re rallying, attending a conference, or sitting in a classroom, we have tons of opportunities to share our personal narratives.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • learn how to analyze and construct strategic stories using Story-Based Strategy
  • learn how to use your personal story to strategically undermine dominant narratives
  • workshop and practice telling your personal story
  • have the opportunity to record your story in a professional studio
Participants in our August workshop at the PRX Podcast Garage

Participants in our August workshop at the PRX Podcast Garage


For applications submitted on or before November 13, the cost of this class is $45. For applications on or after November 14, the cost of this class is $55.

To ensure a diverse, motivated classroom, we’re requiring potential students to fill out a short application. 


Lawrence Barriner II is a communications strategist, connector, and systems thinker. His current work includes communications and narrative strategy at the Community Innovators Lab at MIT, serving as Executive Editor of the blog CoLab Radio, and running a coaching practice. Learn more about Lawrence on his Now page or at his website.


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