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10 Years of Podbiz with Helen Zaltzman and Martin Zaltz Austwick

In January 2007, with no prior audio experience and never having heard a podcast before, Helen Zaltzman (host of Radiotopia's The Allusionist) and Martin Austwick began podcasting from their living room in a London suburb. 348 episodes and ten years later, the resulting show, Answer Me This, with their friend Olly Mann, spawned a book adaptation, several number 1 albums, and multiple awards.

But for much of that time, most people barely knew what a podcast was; there was no support or guidance for how to create and run one. So the AMT team had to figure it all out for themselves as they went along: grabbing - and keeping - people's attention online; building an audience; making ruthlessly effective adverts; marketing; jingles and audio branding; and above all, persevering through the grind that is podcast production.

Come and learn from their mistakes.

Free admission - please reserve a seat here.


Helen is a multiple award-winning podcast host and producer, working out of her home in London. Her linguistics podcast The Allusionist is the first show created especially for PRX's Radiotopia. Debuting in 2015, it was named iTunes's best new podcast that year. Answer Me This, the comedy show she co-founded with Olly Mann in 2007, is one of Britain's most successful independent podcasts.


Martin is a podcaster, academic, and musician. He podcasts with Answer Me This, Song by Song and The Global Lab, has contributed music to The Allusionist, The Beef and Dairy Network, Getting Better Acquainted, Sound Women, Hey It’s Ok, Why Are Computers, and Brain Train. He has released albums as The Sound of the Ladies, Martin Austwick, Dr Martin Austwick, and Existential Meltdown.

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