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Behind the Stories with Radiotopia’s Joe Richman

Although he’s been on the radio for several decades, you’ve probably never heard Joe’s voice. That’s because the Peabody-Award-winning producer doesn’t narrate most of his stories. Instead, he works with people - sometimes for years - to record and make stories from their own lives. He calls these stories, and his Radiotopia podcast, Radio Diaries. He recently published a "DIY Handbook" for anyone who wants to try their hand at making radio.

Join us for a conversation with Joe and PRX's Alex Braunstein that includes clips from his recent stories and a special guest from one of Joe’s early diaries! 

Free admission - please reserve a seat here.


Radio Diaries Founder and Executive Producer Joe Richman is a Peabody award-winning producer and reporter whose pioneering series Teenage Diaries brought the voices of teenagers to a national audience on NPR’s All Things Considered. Before founding Radio Diaries, he worked on the NPR programs All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Saturday, Car Talk, and Heat. Joe also teaches radio documentary at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. The LA Times called Joe “a kind of Studs Terkel of the airwaves.”

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