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Be The Hero of Your Podcast Journey with Juleyka Lantigua-Williams

Have you been dreaming about starting a podcast? Have you been furiously taking notes while listening to your faves, jotting ideas you’ll be inspired by? Did you already take baby steps towards launching a podcast? Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will explore how the classic Hero’s Journey works as a narrative tool and organizational guide for understanding a podcaster’s creative process from idea to episode publication. We’ll look at how aspects of podcasting mirror the stages of the Hero’s Journey, with all requisite trials, triumphs and tests.

You’ll trace your own Podcasting Hero’s Journey and walk away with a roadmap for getting started or thriving along the path to publication. 

This workshop is recommended for anyone new to podcasting (no experience required!) and creatives who are transitioning into audio storytelling.


The cost of this two-hour workshop is $50 for non-members and $40 for members of the Podcast Garage or members of the Harvard Ed Portal (i.e. any Allston-Brighton resident). Sign up below!

We're offering scholarships for this workshop. Learn more here.

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Juleyka Lantigua-Williams is the founder and CEO of Lantigua-Williams & Co, a production studio based in Washington, D.C. Most recently the lead editor/producer of NPR’s Code Switch, she has been a multimedia professional for 17 years. A former staff writer at The Atlantic, she was also an opinion columnist for over a decade, reaching more than 10 million readers. She has now turned her focus to creating high-quality audio and video experiences using the tenets of journalism she honed over her extensive career. Lantigua- Williams has made inclusion a central theme in her life’s work, while endeavoring to fully understand her own life as a hyphenated American. Follow her @JuleykaLantigua

Be The Hero of Your Podcast Journey
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