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The New Analog: A Book Talk with Damon Krukowski

“Millions of music-lovers have acquiesced to the shiny juggernaut of digital-age technology without asking its economic and cultural price. Damon Krukowski is an incisive, passionate, and, above all, rational critic of this new realm. No nostalgic conservative, he offers a radical defense of analog craft in the face of the digital hard sell.” - Alex Ross (Music Critic, The New Yorker; author of The Rest Is Noise, and Listen To This)

Damon Krukowski is a musician (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi) who writes about sound for Pitchfork, The Wire, Frieze, and Artforum. He will present ideas from a chapter of his forthcoming book The New Analog (The New Press, April 2017) touching on the mic’s “proximity effect”, cell phones, digital sound processing, and the communication of intimacy in a digital age.

Earlier Event: August 10
Meetup: Sonic Soiree