Do I have to be a member to use the community space?

Yes! Only members can work in our community space during business hours or reserve it for their private events or meetings.

What kind of furniture and A/V equipment do you have for events?
Our space is equipped for most audio:

  • TV screen for projection

  • Four Shure SM58 handheld vocal microphones with stands

  • 1 wireless microphone

  • Two JVC EON612 speakers and speaker stands

  • Wireless handheld microphone

  • 4 tables

  • 8 office chairs

  • 40+ folding chairs

Can I…play music/videos/audio from my phone/laptop? Can I show slides?

Yes, to all of the above!

How many people fit into the space?

The max. capacity of the room is 50 people - standing or sitting. We require all events (including free events) to track RSVPs through Eventbrite to ensure the room does not exceed this capacity.

When is it available to book?

The space is available during our open business hours when Podcast Garage events are not scheduled.

Can I use the recording studio during my event?
We make this decision on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like to use the studio during your event, please let us know at the time of your reservation. We will not allow you or your guests to use the studio if we have not discussed it in advance.

What policies do I have to follow at my event?

Please keep the following in mind when booking a space at the Garage:

  • We will not list private events on our public calendar or actively promote them.

  • Unless otherwise discussed, the studio will be open for booking during your event. There may be people coming in and out of the space to use it.

  • You must provide any refreshments or snacks for your event.

  • You are responsible for set up and clean up of your event. Please plan to arrive an hour early and stay 30 minutes afterwards.

How much does it cost to reserve the room?

Tune-Up Members pay $35 an hour and can book the space for up to two hours a month. We take payment at the time of your reservation.

How do I reserve the space?

Call us at least one week in advance to reserve the space. Our number is (617) 208-8911. Please keep in mind that we have a small staff - if you leave us a voicemail, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We are not open on the weekends