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We aren’t just fans of podcasts at the Garage. We root for the people behind them.

Making a podcast takes a lot of work and a mountain of faith and commitment to keep it going episode after episode. Most of the time you’re doing it on your own. And with so many media companies and networks now making their own shows, we know independent producers are struggling to find an audience for their stories and make a living.

That’s why we’re excited to present a low-cost monthly membership that provides the time, tools, and community needed to make a show, accessible in the ways that make sense to you. 

All of our members are independent producers working on an audio or podcasting project and is:

  • a producer who isn’t making a living off of their show, i.e. not receiving a regular paycheck to produce their work.

  • a producer who owns their own show and/or audio projects.

  • a producer who freelances for stations/podcasts/programs but isn’t fully employed by them.

Please note: We are not a members-only space! Anyone is welcome to book time in our recording studio and attend a workshop or event.

Tune-Up Membership - $35/mo.

Are you ready to start a podcast or strengthen your show?

As a Tune-Up member, you’ll have access to the following:

  • A 25% discount every time you use the studio. So, one hour is $45 instead of $60. And 30 minutes is $22.50 instead of $30. The more you record, the more you save!

  • A $10+ discount on all workshops we offer, including a free ticket to our monthly orientation to podcasting.

  • An invitation to work on your project in our community space. Think of us like a clubhouse. Come in to edit, email, and meet other members during our open hours.

  • Your photo and the name of your show posted on our website and the wall of our studio.

  • Access to discounts from our audio and podcasting friends, like an oh-so-useful AIR membership.

  • A discount when you rent our professional audio field kit for interviews and recordings outside of the studio.

  • Access to reserve our Community Space for your own events, like a podcast launch or a live recording of your show.

  • Valuable feedback and advice on your show from our community, including PRX staff, and invites to members-only events.

There’s no commitment once you sign up - you can become a Tune-Up Member for one month or six! It’s up to you. All memberships begin on the first day of each month.


The first step in the process of becoming a Tune-Up Member is to fill out our new member form. At the end of the form, you’ll be able to schedule a 30-minute New Member Tour and chat with Palace, our Community Manager, and Kevin, our Studio & Operations Manager. Even if you have been in our space before, we require that you come in for the tour. At the end of the tour, we’ll set up payment and the start date of your membership!


Our members are independent audio producers in the Boston area. Some shows are still in development and others are regularly publishing new episodes. Grab your headphones and listen!