MEET Our Team


Palace Shaw, Community Manager (She/Her/Hers)

I’ve been steeped in community-driven arts and media work and believe in the importance of voice and storytelling as essential in building community. I’ve previously worked at The Institute of Contemporary Art, UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami, Groundswell Community Mural Project in Brooklyn, and ArtMorpheus. I’m invested in supporting new and underrepresented voices in Boston and see the Podcast Garage as a creative space for people to grow their talents and perspective through audio. In my spare time, I co-host + produce The Whitest Cube, a podcast about race and art institutions that takes a close look at Boston and speaks with artists, activists, and our city to envision a radical future for museums. In my spare, spare time, I like to cook, weave, and watch movies.


Kevin O’Connell, Studio & Operations Manager (He/Him/His)

I’m a professional musician, engineer/producer, educator, and arts advocate with a focus in creative development, mentorship, and production. As an educator and arts advocate, I founded the West Suburban YMCA Center for the Creative Arts (YCCA) – a 360-degree youth music and media program serving youth and teens in the MetroWest suburbs of Boston. As an engineer and producer, I’ve worked with many artists and musicians including Grammy Recording Artist Alex Torres y Sú Orquestra. I currently perform with a number of Boston-based artists including the 2018 Boston Music Awards ‘New Artist of the Year’ nominees Gentle Temper.


Ian Fox, Project Manager (He/Him/His)
| @IanNFox

I’m managing the construction and development of the second Podcast Garage in Washington, D.C. In another life, I was a boutique event planner and donor communications strategist at NPR and The Pew Charitable Trusts. In my free time, I serve as the Volunteer Coordinator and Grants Manager for the D.C. Listening Lounge's annual Sound Scene audio art festival, write about community engagement and new revenue models in public radio for Current, and mentor young journalists through the YMCA Youth & Government program. I’m out to make vibrant communities, help radio-makers thrive, and keep audio weird.

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Alex Birch, Senior Manager (She/Her/Hers)

After two years as Community Manager of the Podcast Garage, I now work to ensure our current and future Garages are welcoming and inspiring spaces for new voices in audio. I believe in the magic of public spaces and how they support creativity and community. A proud Rhode Islander, I interned at Rhode Island Public Radio and designed a program at Brown University for storytelling and social change. I’ve also independently produced audio and community storytelling projects, including StoryCityPVD - a public living room in Providence for intimate and unplanned interactions between strangers. My first love was photography and I can still be found wandering in the woods with my camera and my poodle, Olive.

Isabel Hibbard, Intern (She/Her/Hers)

I’m a Boston native with a deep love of sound as an artistic medium and spaces that serve as creative homes for artists. I’ve dedicated the last year to community interpretation and translation work in the spirit of Multilingual Justice. I dream of a world where language is not a barrier but another means of building empathy and deepening connections. Prior to interpreting, I worked at the Urbano Project, a community arts studio and gallery and before that, interned at Art Start NYC, where I had my first experience in a recording studio through the One Mic program. Over the last two years, I’ve facilitated the LIPS program, an Interpreting for Social Justice course for first and second generation bilingual high school students at the Welcome Project. When I’m not working, I love experimenting in the kitchen, making soundscapes, and collecting zines.