Reserve time in a studio

Use this form to reserve time in one of our studios. If you'd like to book space outside of the options listed, or are interested in becoming a member, please call (617) 208 – 8911 or email See below for everything a rental includes.

Please note: reserving studio space does not include an engineer or board operator. We are always available to help with basic setup and operation of the studio, including recording. For those who are new to podcasting, we can assist with how to position and address a microphone for optimal sound quality, and provide other tips for beginners.

Payment takes place when you arrive for your session; you will not be charged during the online booking process. Make sure you have a debit or credit card with you when you arrive at the Garage.

Multiple services can be combined in a single booking. If you'd like to reserve a 3 hour block of studio time, select both "1 hour" and "2 hours". 

4-Person Studio rentals include:

  • 4 Shure SM7B Vocal Microphones

  • 4 Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones

  • A dedicated phone line for a remote host or guest, through a Telos digital hybrid telephone interface

  • Support for a remote host or guest via Skype

  • Allen & Heath Qu-16 digital mixing board (for operation by an engineer)

  • Allen & Heath Qu-Pad for in-studio control of the QU-16

  • Genelec 8010A monitors for accurate mixing and mastering

  • Multitrack recording directly to Hindenburg, Pro Tools, Audition, or GarageBand

  • Full multitrack backup recording to a dedicated hard drive

  • Talkback to all hosts and guests from the control room

  • 27" Intel i5 iMac with multiple DAW options for mixing and post-production work

Become a Member:

  • $99/month gets you 3 hours/month of studio recording time plus access to our co-working space during business hours. Interested? Contact us