We rent professional kits that you can use in the field, with a friend, or at Fenway Park! When you pick up the kit, we'll show you how to record high-quality audio outside of the studio. If you're thinking about buying your own kit, take ours for a spin to see how you like it. We asked lots of local producers for input on their favorite gear - and assembled a kit that can work for everyone.

What equipment is included in the field kit?


Each kit is custom built for each use. Kits can include an array of gear someone would need for standard field reporting or recording including:

  • Zoom H5 portable recorder (with XYH-5 X/Y microphone capsule and wind screen)

  • Shure VP89 medium length shotgun microphone with windscreen and pistol grip

  • Shure SM7B cardiod dynamic microhpone

  • Shure MV88+ smart phone audio + video kit

  • Shure SM58 handheld vocal microphone (with wind screen)

  • Shure SRH440 headphones

  • Two 5' XLR cables

  • Table-top microphone stand

  • One 32 GB SD card

  • Rechargeable AA batteries (with charger)

  • Shoulder bag to hold all of the above

What if I'm new to using this equipment or field recording?

We will give you a quick tutorial on how to use the equipment in the kit when you pick up your rental.

If you're looking for additional information to help with using the field kit, the following resources may be valuable:

How long can I have the field kit?

You can reserve the audio field kit for a full day, Monday through Saturday, or an entire weekend. A full day is 24 hours and a weekend is Friday to Monday. You must pick up and return the kit during our open business hours.

How much does it cost to reserve the kit?

Tune-Up Members pay $20 for a full day and $40 for the weekend.

Non-members pay $40 for a full day and $60 for the weekend.

We take payment (credit cards only) when you pick up the kit.

How do I reserve the kit?

Questions? Call us at (617) 208-8911 or email Kevin O’Connell, our Studio + Operations Manager at

*Click each photo for specs and a more detailed description.