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Music Literacy for Content Creators

Without a musical background, talking about music can be intimidating.

In this class you’ll learn how to listen more closely to a piece of music, you’ll develop a practical language for discussing music, and you’ll learn what factors to take into account when adding music to your next production project.

Through group listening and discussion, you’ll build your musical vocabulary and your confidence. You’ll also walk away with an understanding of the legal considerations involved in finding/commissioning music.

We recommend this class for producers of all levels—from beginners to seasoned professionals—who are looking to sharpen their musical understanding and communication skills.


The cost of this four-hour workshop is $75 for non-members and $65 for members of the Podcast Garage or members of the Harvard Ed Portal (i.e. any Allston-Brighton resident).

We're offering scholarships for this workshop. Learn more here.

About the Instructor


Joel Roston is a composer, producer, and guitar player living in Boston, MA. Among numerous commercials, independent videos, web-originals, and films, Joel composed, performed and recorded the score for the independent television pilot “Sharing,” which, in 2015, was picked up for pilot production by NBC. He also co-composed music for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. In addition to scoring for TV, film, video, and podcasts, Joel has written music for ensembles of all sizes and has performed both nationally and internationally with groups ranging from indie rock bands to the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Music Literacy for Content Creators
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