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Share Your Work with the World: Getting Your Podcast to Broadcast with PRX

Want to grow your audience? Broadcast radio is holding steady even as streaming listenership grows, and it can be a good home for podcasts. But you have to make sure your podcast is radio-friendly and accessible to stations. And that’s more than just removing any of the FCC’s “bad words."

Join Ray Pang and Kate Cowie-Haskell, who work on content and distribution at PRX, for a session on how to make your podcast available and appealing for broadcasters via The PRX Exchange and PRX’s XM channel, PRX Remix.

You’ll  learn about current broadcast standards, how to upload to The Exchange, and how to reach out to stations. If you can’t wait to get your work out there, please bring your laptop and a finished piece of audio you’d like to upload to The Exchange. We’d love to help get your first piece posted by the end of the workshop.

Attendees will receive a free year-long membership to The Exchange (value - $50) to get started on their broadcast journey.

This event is free and open to the public


The Exchange is the largest open audio distribution marketplace designed specifically for public radio. Producers can upload audio stories of all types, from documentaries, to music specials, to weekly series.

The Exchange delivers programs like This American Life The Moth Radio Hour,  and programs from indie producers to over 500 stations. PRX curates  content for PRX Remix, our 24/7 stream on XM and broadcast, directly from the Exchange.

 All public, community, college and low power FM stations are also welcome to license and post content. Rates for producers are affordable and you can earn royalties on licensed works.