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SOLD OUT: Cue the Music: An Introduction to Podcast Scoring with Ian Coss (4-Week Workshop)

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Whether you’re making narrative, fiction, in-studio conversations or investigative journalism, music is probably in the mix, and you need to know how to work with it. This four-week course will teach just that, focusing on how to take pre-recorded music from a library or composer, and transform it into a custom score for your show.

We’ll cover strategies for mapping out musical entrances and posts, tricks for cutting and looping tracks, the basics of EQ and reverb, and the wonders of mixing with ‘stems.’ This will be a hands-on course: each week students will get a package of unmixed audio (voice tracks + music), which they will then produce into a finished piece, and share with others for feedback. Through this process of discussion and application, participants will gain a tool kit they can apply in their own mixes, as well as a vocabulary for talking about podcast music with their collaborators.

The workshop will take place on Tuesdays from February 5 to 26. Participants will gather at the PRX Podcast Garage from 6:30 to 8:30pm for each session.

The course is intended for intermediate producers who already have audio software and basic editing experience. You could be a solo podcaster wanting to make your own show sound better, a seasoned reporter looking to up your mixing chops, or even an editor who wants to better understand the mechanics of scoring.


The cost of this workshop is $175 for non-members and $150 for members of the Podcast Garage or members of the Harvard Ed Portal (i.e. any Allston-Brighton resident). Sign up below!

We're offering scholarships for this workshop. Learn more here.


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Ian Coss is an audio producer and sound designer whose work has been featured on The World, Studio 360, 99 Percent Invisible, Life of the Law, Women of the Hour, Afropop Worldwide, the BBC and NPR. He is a regular sound designer for Radiotopia’s Showcase and Al Jazeera’s Jetty Studios, and has produced several podcast series, including "Ways of Hearing" and “The New American Songbook,”, which was recognized with a national Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in sound. As a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at Boston University, Ian lectures on music journalism, Indonesian arts, and contemporary composition. More on all these projects at

Cue the Music: An Introduction to Podcast Scoring
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