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Film + Audio Potluck

Back by popular demand!

Join us for our winter community showcase and potluck for filmmakers and audio producers in Boston.

Started in 2016, these seasonal gatherings are co-hosted by the PRX Podcast Garage, Sonic Soiree, Boston Film Potluck, and LEF Foundation. Together, we create a space for discussions that spark inspiration and collaboration among film and audio makers and reveal the creative processes and sustainable practices behind our work. 

Tickets required

We’ll kick the night off with a showcase of audio stories and films on the theme of “risk-taking.” Local makers will be selected to share short clips followed by a discussion of the risks they took and lessons they learned along the way.

The showcase takes place inside the PRX Podcast Garage and is limited to 50 seats.

Please sign up for a (free!) ticket here if you’d like to attend.

Open to all! No ticket required.

Following the showcase, we’ll open things up for a potluck. Bring your own dish and join a  conversation about media-making. 

The potluck takes place in Zone 3 - directly in front of the PRX Podcast Garage - and is open to all.

Conversation topics include:

  • Working Across Filmmaking and Podcasting: How does one turn a film into a podcast or a podcast into a film? Or, how does one build a creative practice in both filmmaking and podcasting? We’ll talk about the benefits and challenges of adapting your work across these two forms, and we’ll invite perspectives from those who’ve done it.

  • Marketing and Promotion: It's one thing to create a piece of narrative audio or documentary film. However, it's an entirely different beast to convince folks out there in the great blue yonder to listen, watch and consume your work. We'll talk about strategies for finding and maintaining audiences, explore "going viral," and discuss working with community groups and interested third parties. 

  • Experimental Audio and Film: What does artistic experimentation look and sound like? This is a discussion for podcasters, musicians, sound artists, and filmmakers to explore what compels us to challenge conventions in form and process. If content is tied to form, then how can experimentation - as an attitude, not a genre - amplify the meaning and impact of our work?

  • Sound Design, Scoring, and Working with Composers: Music and sound design are powerful tools for changing the mood of a film or an audio production. But how do you discover the right music for your production, and how can you use it legally and affordably? How can you play with sound to give your story more impact? We'll exchange ideas and resources for pod- and film-safe music, sound design techniques, plugins, and collaborating with composers. 

  • Fiction Audio & Film: Fiction storytellers rejoice! From radio dramas to narrative films, this is a group for anyone with an interest in scripted/fictional media to connect and exchange resources, with a particular interest in exploring the connections between screen-based and audio-based fiction work.

  • Stories with Social Impact: Ever wonder what about the social impact of your work? What are some ways of accurately measuring this impact? As more people are watching and listening alone on their digital devices, are our stories making a difference in reality? We’ll talk about the campaigns that bring our films and our audio work into communities, to encourage response and action.

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The Sonic Soiree is a potluck of the edible and audible, occurring monthly in living rooms throughout Greater Boston. We are a community of radio producers, sound artists and collaborators who come together to talk, eat, listen, and then talk some more.

The Boston Film Potluck is made up of Boston filmmakers, media artists, film collectives, and other film/video community members who get together for a monthly potluck to help make the wider Boston film community more visible to itself, and to think about what might be gained from more regular cross-cutting conversations among filmmakers in Boston.

LEF New England funds the work of independent documentary film and video artists in the region, with a goal of broadening recognition and support for their work, both locally and nationally. It also highlights the rich history and ongoing legacy of innovation within New England's independent film community. LEF is a private family foundation that funds creative endeavors in California and the New England region.