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The Art of Personal Storytelling with Aaron Wolfe (4-week workshop)

In this four-week workshop, you’ll learn the art of telling great stories. Whether you're a podcaster, performer, entrepreneur, or activist, telling a personal story that connects deeply with your listener is a critical skill.

Join Aaron Wolfe for a fun, meaningful dive into key elements of story structure and live performance. You'll dissect great stories from the pros while workshopping your own story - and end the class with a showcase for your friends and family at the PRX Podcast Garage.

The class meets at the PRX Podcast Garage (267 Western Ave., Allston) on Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. from October 29 to November 19. 

No experience necessary to sign up!


“This was something completely new to me. I had a blast the entire workshop.”

"Aaron is a great instructor. I learned a lot of about story construction that I can carry with me. And the other storytellers in the class were inspiring!"

“The curriculum was simple and easy to digest. The final showcase was filled with encouragement.”

"I learned a tremendous amount, both from Aaron and from my classmates. I'm not sure I want to join the formal storytelling circuit, but the skills and knowledge I gained in the class will help me in all sorts of other contexts."

“Everyone in class made remarkable progress regardless of their experience or comfort with storytelling.”

“It's all about Aaron. He creates a safe space and enough guidance to take good risks.”


Aaron Wolfe is a screenwriter and storyteller. His Moth GrandSLAM winning stories have been featured on The Moth Mainstage, The Moth RadioHour, Risk!, Storycollider, Tablet Magazine, as well as hundreds of stages around the Northeast. You can learn more at


The cost of this two-hour workshop is $50 for non-members and $40 for members of the Podcast Garage or members of the Harvard Ed Portal (i.e. any Allston-Brighton resident). Sign up below!

We're offering scholarships for this workshop. Learn more here.

The Art of Personal Storytelling with Aaron Wolfe (4-week workshop) Oct. 2019
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